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Disney's Frozen
This is a blog dedicated to the 53rd Disney's Animated feature, Frozen.

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  yumikozijn said:
Been following your blog for a while now, I love to see you analyzing the movie because every new post of yours makes me see the film in a new light <3 Maybe thats why I still love the movie, you keep it interesting xD Anyway, keep going :3

I’m not blushing. I really appreciate what you said and it’s just so “akjsgdjhaja” that you say that you keep loving the movie because of me. It really makes me feel special. 

Thank you, have a magical day!

  aznlollipop said:
Hi! I love your frozen blog. You just seem to always find new things about Frozen that make me awestruck. Speaking of Frozen, what is your opinion on the woman who claims that Frozen is about her life story and therefore, she has the right to sue Disney for ____ (how ever much money she is suing them).

It’s so dumb that this woman is suing Disney. Like I don’t even know what she’s trying to do.

Like, I, personally, can relate to the movie and the characters in so many ways like as for Anna I’ve been on a situation in which I thought I had met someone who was the one for me only to find that he was just playing with my feelings (and sadly, I know more people who have been in a situation like that). I’m shy and I don’t trust people easily like Kristoff, yet I sometimes try to get my way like Hans. And I’m also like Elsa when I try to push people away but at the same time I need them because I need to get somewhere.

Like, people can also relate because of a broken sibling-ship or because they lost their parents in an accident, or because they talk with their pets, or they are misfits. Why is she this woman who’s suing different? Does she have a sister with actual ice powers? Did she froze and then got brought back to life? That would be impressive. I really don’t know what she’s trying to do. 

And also thank you so much. I really adore this movie.

  Anonymous said:
So how does Annas hat work? Like how does it stay on her head? I dont see any strap or anything

I’m not 100% sure but I think it’s kind of a headband that goes across her head and that it does some pressure to keep it from falling but also not enough to hurt Anna’s head. 

Like how earmuffs work, because her hat also covers her ears but it’s also a hat. 


❝ Let go kiss Hans! Who is this Hans? ❞

characters + being introduced to Hans

  Anonymous said:
Do you know when Frozen 2 will come out?

I’m sorry, Anon. There isn’t a Frozen 2 confirmed (so far, that we know about). However, there is going to be a Frozen short called “Frozen Fever” (you can read more on that here). That one is coming out somewhere in 2015, there isn’t a set date yet. 

  Anonymous said:
Ok so during FTFTIF, when it goes 'open up the gates' Anna went through the gates and you could see rapunzel and Eugene. Then it flashes to Elsa then back to Anna and Anna was waving at someone. Do you think Anna might have been waving at rapunzel and Eugene??

I don’t think so, because Rapunzel and Eugene are closed to the gates so they would have gotten in the castle first when Anna is going the other side and she walks past them. 

Unless Rapunzel turned around to wave at her, I don’t think so. Maybe she’s waving at someone else who waved at her. Or maybe no one waved at her and she’s just waving randomly because she can’t believe how many people are around.

  Anonymous said:
Do you think that when Anna went to go look for Elsa, that somebody should've went with her ? I mean for safety purposes, & being that she IS royalty. Idk I just figured you know ?

Maybe, but everyone seems to be shocked by the fact that their queen can freeze stuff. Hans do volunteers to go with Anna but then she leaves him in charge (another thing for which no one protests because of the shock and because they would trust their princess and her decisions (although no one knows the truth about Hans) ).

If Hans had left with Anna then there wouldn’t have been anyone to look after the kingdom and then probably the dignitaries would had started to fight as for who should take over while the Queen and Princess are gone. 

  Anonymous said:
How long do you think the short will be? Love your blog <3 ^•^

Well, Tangled Ever After is 6:30 minutes long so we can hopefully expect something around that range. Maybe a little longer since Frozen Fever has a song and they’re always around 2-3 minutes long. 

And thank you (: