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  Anonymous said:
It's okay that i asked you things in anon? Cause i asked you a lot of things!! But i'm very shy, it doesn't matter that i ask you with my blog? I feel like it is spam

It’s okay. Anon or not I will reply to your questions, only that don’t expect me to reply to something privately when you’re on anon. 

Also I got like 100+ messages on my inbox at the moment so please bear with me while I reply to all of you. 

  Anonymous said:
How can i show you an image? Cause i found one of Elsa's face and it's very funny xD

You can submit it to me. My submit button on my blog sends you to another Frozen blog but it’s okay, it’s still me. That’s another Frozen blog I co-mod. 

Of course that she still cared about her! She shuts her out because she loves her and she doesn’t want anything bad happening to her. 

I don’t think that she thought that she was doing. I think the way she acted was instinctive and didn’t realize that she could have made more snow that Anna wouldn’t get hurt. 

Yeah, it must really be a terrible thing to go through. I do think that she kept loving and caring about her. She kept on trying to reach towards her. 

  Anonymous said:
Mar, what do you know about true love?

More than you! All that you know is how to unfollow people! 

  Anonymous said:
Since Hans' brothers ignored him do you think the leaders of the Southern Isles are good people? Do they pose a threat to Elsa's kingdom?

They probably ignored him because he was the 13th and they were just like “Ugh, another brother”. I’m not sure, they never said a reason of why they really did this. 

I do think that after what happens with Hans, Elsa stayed away from doing any kind of contact with any of the 13th brothers, King and Queen. 

Responding to the Anon who asked if Elsa and Anna ever saw each other, it seems like they did. The book "A Sister More Like Me" shows Anna as a child trying to get Elsa's attention with her toys, but Elsa just quietly walks away from her.

Exactly. They’re talking about this screencap from the book. 

Your ideas are better than mine. I like morganmmouse’s more but yeah, I think it would be something around those lines. 

  ourlovingl said:
what do you do for have so much asks like omfg

I seriously got no idea.

But I love talking to all of you guys (: 

  Anonymous said:
Ai where anna iistead of being shot by Elsa's magic just falls and breaks a legs/arm idk. What do you think would happen after that?

There was no modern medicine back then so breaking an arm or leg would have left Anna without being able to use either her arm or leg well. Let’s just say that she trips and falls on soft snow…. 

I think Elsa wouldn’t have been so scared to hurt Anna because she would be fine. She would have must likely brushed off the snow on her dress and kept playing because that’s how kids are. I don’t think their relationship would have been so broken.