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Disney's Frozen
This is a blog dedicated to the 53rd Disney's Animated feature, Frozen.

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  dixxymouri said:
I feel like if they did a Frozen movie about Kristoff it would probably be a direct to DVD in the spirit of Lion King 1 1/2 and does anyone really want to risk Disney going back to direct to video/DVD sequels?

Direct to Video sequels were made by Disney Toons, which is a side studio of Disney Animation. None of the sequels (except for The Rescuers Down Under) count as official Disney movies. Since John Lasseter started working with Disney and getting involved with the movies they stopped doing that.

I think their biggest risk if they were to make this movie would be that it would revolve around Kristoff and he’s not the most popular or loved character (talking for other people, not me). If they were to make a sequel it would be Anna and Elsa as main focus. 

But we don’t know what they got planned for a sequel. Maybe they will surprise us.

  purplejayee said:
Once you get this you have to say 5 things about you publicly. Then send this to your 10 favourite followers. :)


Aw! Thank you! So 15 facts about me? *cries* okay I’ll try.

  1. I’m really short. (5’0”)
  2. I have dyslexia and dysgraphia (worst combination ever.)
  3. I’m mexican. 
  4. I want to work at Disney Animation Studios as a Story/Character Developer.
  5. I have plenty freckles and beauty spots on my face. 
  6. I like to keep my stuff color coordinated. 
  7. I know Tangled and Frozen’s dialogs from beginning to end. (I can react the whole thing by myself)
  8. I have spanish royal blood on my lineage. 
  9. I have a younger sister but I’m the less mature one. 
  10. For some reason, I’m really good with kids and they seem to really like me. 
  11. I know how to drive.
  12. I’m going to be a senior next year. 
  13. Never been kissed. (So close but uuuughh)
  14. I’ve been on tumblr for about 3 years. 
  15. I really love sweet and salty things.
  Anonymous said:
Hey Anna, what did it feel like to turn into ice? I bet it hurt.

"It really really really hurt. It was cold and hard to move. It was like that tingly sensation you feel when you’re sitting on an odd angle and you suddenly move and it kinda hurts. Well, like that but all over my body.”

"It was also very tiring. It was just so hard to move. It was not a nice experience"

  Anonymous said:
so I went school supply shopping today and I got 5 three prong folders and I'm going to decorate all of them disney! my white folder will be frozen, because it will match with blue & ice, black will be original Mickey and Minney Mouse, magenta will be Tangled, green will be princess and the frog, and deep blue I'm still figuring out. it might be lilo and stitch. but anyway I'm excited to decorate :D I love you !! xx

That sounds so cool! I kinda did that too but I made snowflakes with paper and I pasted them over some notebooks to make them look Frozen-ish.

If you want some ideas for that other folder you’re missing, you could do another Frozen one (if you would like), Cinderella maybe, Alice in Wonderland, Big Hero 6 (if you’re into it), there are so many possibilities!

Have a magical day!

  Anonymous said:
Wait Kristoff's lullaby to Anna was going to be in the scene with Kristoff and Sven? But Anna wasn't even there.

But he sang about his feelings for her and the sudden realization that he might like her. I’m not 100% sure about the lyrics since, you know, it’s not published but.. yeah. 

  Anonymous said:
Hi Anna! I hope you're doing well! But I wanted to ask you, how many hugs do you give Elsa every day? I'm a little curious :)

"How many hugs are too many? Elsa and I try to spend as much time as we can together but sometimes we can’t. I’m really glad to have my sister back"

  Anonymous said:
excluding frozen and tangled, what's your favorite non-disney princess movie

The only movies I can think about right now that aren’t Disney but are Princesses stories (or that’s what I understood you’re asking) are Anastasia and Barbie’s 12 Dancing Sisters.

My favorite Disney movies that aren’t princesses stories are Wreck-it Ralph and Fantasia 2000 (The Stead Fast Tin Soldier kills me. I love it so much). I’m a sucker for CGI. 

And for non-animated movies, I like musicals and historical movies. 

  Anonymous said:
"Also, in honor of the original fairy tale they named the characters after Hans Christian Andersen— Hans, Kristoff, Anna and Sven. " There is no confirmation to this tho. I think someone from the team even commented it was pure coincidence.

What? No, it isn’t just a coincidence. They really are named after him and Elsa is named after Elphaba (you know, the character Idina Menzel’s played on Wicked).

201% sure about this.