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Disney's Frozen
This is a blog dedicated to the 53rd Disney's Animated feature, Frozen.

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  Anonymous said:
Are you getting kind of bored running a blog about something that never gets new material

What kind of question is this?!?! 

No, I’m not bored of my blog nor I think I will EVER get bored of my blog. While, yes, I would love to have some new material but I don’t need it to run my blog. My blog is dedicated to a certain movie, I signed to only get 1 hour and 42 minutes of material. Not saying that people who have blogs who usually get new material to work with are not good but have you seen how many things you can do with 92 minutes of material? 

I have this blog not because of the notes or followers but because I can do something creative with a movie I love.

  ifr0stbitez said:
I would like to thank you again for answering my question for the Frozen sequel. I appreciate your time and effort for getting back to me. But I have to ask are you an animator? Would you want to be one someday?

You’re welcome! I try to reply to all the questions I get. 

I wish! I’m a senior girl in high school xD But I’m an aspiring concept artist. I want to work (at Disney) on the development department. I would die if I could get to work in the story or character development. 

  Anonymous said:
i love you .. you love me ?!

Anon, what do you know about true love? JUST KIDDING! I love you too!!


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 4 OF THEM?!?!?! I got all of your messages around the same time and it just makes so happy to see you guys like me and my blog and everything and it’s really encouraging. Thank you so much! You’re beautifuller! 


  Anonymous said:
Hey thanks for answering my question about the storyboard. But I have to ask, based on your knowledge about Frozen do still beleive there will be a Frozen sequel.. If so how long would you think it would take??

There’s so many things that need to be put in consideration if Disney were to make s Frozen sequel. Creating a movie takes a lot of time, so I don’t think anyone should be expecting a sequel soon. 

Only the development stage takes around 1-3 years, depending on the movie and the issues (plot holes and continuity problems mainly) they come across. Some movies take more or less time. The movie starts being developed before the animation begins.

Then the animation stage can take around 1-2 years (years while the movie is being finished being developed too). The animation stage is highly licked with the development one and if they realize that a scene isn’t working on the movie or that it needs to be different they have to redo it or delete it. The animation stage takes a lot of time because you need to do the models of the characters first, then you start with storyboards to use as reference of the Layout (a very rough animation stage, no details, barely any background and rough movements), then the animation keeps being adjusted and they start adding more details. Then when the animation process is completed then it moves to crowd simulation, lighting and shading, until the scene looks like it does in the movie.

Because Frozen has an ending that doesn’t really allow any sequels unless they come up with a plot that doesn’t affect or break the first movie or the characters and instead it continues with the story, I don’t think they would. It’s easier to create shorts that take less time, use less budget, and they compliment the movie and they are easier to support. 

Disney Animation Studios already has planned projects right now. Right now they’re finishing Big Hero 6 and developing Zootopia. Then they have planned Moana, Giants, and some other unnamed projects. Disney, however, hasn’t done a sequel since The Rescuers Down Under and since then the sequels were made by Disney Toons, a side studio, but sadly some  of their movies have the reputation of being “bad” (which they aren’t). 

The most important part is that if Disney were to make a Frozen sequel it HAS to be better than the first movie to be considered a good sequel, which could be very hard to achieve. 

  Anonymous said:

(Should have replied to this before xD)

It’s just technical difficulties that I’m going though. It’ll be okay but it’s still kinda bad that I can’t be on my computer as much as I would like to be. 

And thank you! September 21st is the day (‘:

  Anonymous said:
Do you like the theory that Elsa's mother is somehow related with the original Snow Queen and that's why Elsa has her ice powers?

No, I don’t, mainly because it breaks with some canon stuff or at least stuff that is mentioned in the movie.

Frozen is based off Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen fairytale but during development they changed the original story (like Disney usually does when they do movies based of fairy tales) and they took away the Snow Queen and turned her into Elsa but they also made her the snow queen by giving her the powers. There would only be one Snow Queen, no two.

And if the Queen were related to the Snow Queen, then the same questions everyone has of Elsa would still be there— why is she the Snow Queen, what about the powers, where does she come from, is there more people like her, etc. 

Also, I think that if there had been someone else like Elsa then I guess she would have been more comfortable and she could have made some research too learn about this other person and see how they controlled their powers, which doesn’t happen on the actual movie and Elsa has to figure out everything by herself.

I also think that if there was another Snow Queen the movie would had started with a prologue about the Queen like an introduction but it doesn’t.