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  Anonymous said:
I have a headcanon that every year Elsa got a present for Anna, but she always froze it, so eventually she gave up.

I agree with you. I mean, I’m sure Elsa would still would want to be close to Anna even though her powers would get in the way and they keep her from her sister. 

I can imagine that setting on Christmas, like maybe Elsa would leave a present for Anna under the tree. Maybe that’s how Anna got the Anna doll. 

You see when the girls share the room they keep their stuff on their side of the room and when Elsa leaves she takes all that stuff on her side. Elsa has an Anna doll while Anna has an Elsa doll. 



But later during Do You Want to Build a Snowman, Anna is playing with both dolls. So Elsa could have given it to Anna. 


  gamerjul said:
HI!!! I love your blog. do you think that Elsa still might not have perfect control over her powers, considering the description for frozen fever? also, can you do a few let it go gifs? thanks! :D

I think you just replied to the question yourself. If Frozen Fever is set after the movie and Elsa has trouble controlling her powers then I guess we can deduce that controlling her powers is not an easy task. 

Think of this, Elsa doesn’t want to hurt her sister or anyone with her powers and having the gates open means that she would need to be more careful because there’s more people around. Elsa would feel worried and when her powers are joined with her feelings then it would trigger them. If the powers get triggered then Elsa gets anxious because there’s a higher chance of them getting out of controls but feeling anxious only makes Elsa’s powers show more. And the cycle goes on. 

  Anonymous said:
What font do you use for your gifs? Do you have another blogs?

I use Calibri. 

I also run my personal blog (a combination of frozen, disney, animation and random personal posts, a Big Hero 6 blog just like this one but I update less and I’ll try to be more active when we have more material than second long takes

I co mod a Frozen blog about all characters, all ships, no nsfw, a kristanna (Kristoff and Anna) blog and an Anna blog

  Anonymous said:
are there any deleted things from the movie you wished they wouldn't have taken out ?

I’m still not sure how many things they took away from the movie so I’ll just go with the ones I would have liked to see. 

I would have loved to see more of Kristoff in action, to be honest. I mean, there’s this scene on the novelization where Kristoff buys his sled and if it is in the novelization it means that by October it was still in the movie and it must have been one of the last things they edited from the movie… And then the deleted scene in which he’s climbing, just.. I’m not okay.

I also love the idea of Anna and Elsa having a dressing room they have to share and that they see each other there. But then Elsa would have most likely stopped using it to avoid Anna, so I’m not sure how that would have had worked…

And Elsa or Hans giving Anna a present— she was supposed to get a snowball from Hans during a concept of the movie and later it turned into a kind of Faberge Egg from Elsa (can be seen on the dressing room deleted scene). 

Also the songs. That Kristoff ballad and the Kristoff and Anna duet. I would have loved them to be part of the movie. I’m still upset they won’t show them or that they weren’t included on the deluxe version of the soundtrack… Who knows who many other songs they took away and they’ve kept as a secret!

And it wasn’t really in Frozen and more on the Snow Queen but I would have loved to see how Elsa’s living coat made of arctic ermines. I mean, that was HUGE. All that hair and each one would need to have individual movement and it was basically a crowd animation all in one place. I mean, imagine them climbing on Elsa and forming her coat and then climbing down and running around and away. 

  Anonymous said:
Do you think there would be less incest exaggeration if Anna had been a boy (Elsa would still be a girl)

No? I mean, I don’t think that if Anna were a boy there would be less shippers. It would be a different kind that maybe would have different shippers but it would still be there and it would still be an incestuous ship. 

  Anonymous said:
When was Life's too Short written? Is it the first version or what? Because in some part of it, Elsa says "to listen to a reckless fool", while she says "I'm such a fool, I can't be free" in FTFTIFR. When was elsa the villain?

I’m not sure what you mean by first version…. Life’s Too Short (LTS) was part of the movie way before For the First Time in Forever Reprise (FTFTIFR), so you could call LTS a draft, if that’s what you mean.

You really shouldn’t compare the songs because they are from different parts of development like:

  • When LTS was part of the movie the movie took time over way more time. Like in the final version it all happens in around a week when on the other concepts it took over some months. When there was more time involved the story like was like this: the coronation happened, Elsa revealed her powers, she ran away and the eternal winter started, Anna married Hans, and after a couple of months the storm kept getting worse and then Anna decided to leave after Elsa. Because of this, hence the lyric that says “you’re a fool who married a stranger”.
  • LTS is way more aggressive than FTFTIFR. LTS has the sisters having a fight while FTFTIFR Anna is trying to reach out for her sister when Elsa assure that the best for Anna is to leave her alone before she messes even more. 
  • Also on LST Elsa is calling Anna a fool, when in FTFTIF Elsa calls herself like that. 
  • LTS makes Elsa seem like the bad guy who freezes Anna’s heart because she’s mad when in FTFTIFR is more of an accident. 

However, Elsa was not the villain on this part of the movie because we already have Hans as part of the story. Back in the day when the movie wasn’t even Frozen, Let it Go was written and the song didn’t fit evil!Elsa’s personality but they loved the song and they wanted it on the movie so they re-wrote Elsa’s character and story. Ever since they changed and re-wrote they took villain!Elsa away, changed her into a misunderstood character and put in another villain to take her place.