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Disney's Frozen
This is a blog dedicated to the 53rd Disney's Animated feature, Frozen.

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  Anonymous said:
what made you so excited about frozen coming out ? :)

The story I was just so curious to see how the story went!

Back in the day when all the information out there was the trailer and it went like “Who will save the day?” and everyone was like “Okay, but who’s the villain? Elsa? Kristoff? That Duke?” but no one ever thought about Hans and the surprise factor was always there and I was always on the edge of my seat even after I had spoiled myself with the books and script.

And then I was so curious to see the animation of the movie and man it’s worth it. 

Which non-Frozen Disney characters do you think Anna and Elsa would get along with?

I’m going to go with the princesses mainly because I guess they would be the ones they would have more contract with because royalty and all that (not saying that there’s anything wrong or right about that).

I feel Anna would get along better with Rapunzel and Merida because I think they are the ones who they share more traits with when Elsa maybe hangs out more with Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora who are calmer and more regal like Elsa. Same characteristics apply for other non-princess characters, fun and adventurous would get along with Anna and more careful and serious with Elsa. 

And I’m also going to go that Elsa could get along with Ralph from Wreck-it Ralph. Mainly because they have similar traits— misfits, people used to fear them, but then they got their place and things are different now. Also because both characters were written by Jennifer Lee.

  Anonymous said:
What's your favorite ship with Elsa?

I really don’t ship her romantically with anyone. I don’t really know if she would like to be in a relationship with someone but I have a lot of brotps with her. 

Elsa is one of those characters in which I would love to see happy with someone but I don’t want to push her into a ship. Like she deserves to be loved but I don’t know if she’s “single and ready to mingle” mainly because she still got that problem with her powers and I don’t think she would be very comfortable being really really close to someone physically.

❝ Yeah people will beat you and curse you and cheat you! ❞

  Anonymous said:
How do you feel about mattel frozen dolls?

I like them. I mean, the costumes could be better and less glittery but they are pretty. I really like the new skater ones.

  Anonymous said:
What's your favorite snow sisters moment from the movie?

Probably the ending when they skate on the ice ring because not only Elsa is embracing her powers and for the first time she realizes that she can use them for fun like she used to and that she doesn’t have to be afraid. And then Anna and Elsa have a beautiful moment like what they used to when they were kids and they’re working on fixing that broken relationship they have. 

  Anonymous said:
Are you excited for big hero six ? I sure am! :)

I am excited! I know it will be amazing!

But I’m not as excited as I was when Frozen was about to be released.