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This is a blog dedicated to the 53rd Disney's Animated feature, Frozen.

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  Anonymous said:
The concept art with the wedding dress that person is talking about if from one of the very first draft of the film where Anna and elsa aren't even sisters. In the art i saw elsa/the snow queen is twice the hight of anna and has blue skin and is frozen in ice (and then i believe anna thaws her)

They came off anon and told me which piece. They were talking about this one. 

That’s not Anna or Elsa. It’s another character from that part of development from the very early stages (I’m not quite sure because she doesn’t look like the Queen maybe Gerda?). Right there on the bottom it says “The Snow Queen”. It wasn’t Frozen already.

It was one of the pieces of concept art that were released before the movie. It was kind of a teaser (actually leaks). It isn’t Anna in a wedding dress, sorry. 

  Anonymous said:
I've seen some concept art floating around Tumblr that included Anna in a wedding dress. From what I understand, she would have gone after Elsa on her wedding day or something like that.

I’ve never seen this piece you’re talking about before, can you link me to it?

I could have missed it but as far as I know this is the only piece of Anna in a wedding dress thing.


Jennifer Lee said that, in that draft of the movie, Anna stayed for some months so maybe she doesn’t leave to look for Elsa right after her wedding. 

I really like Frozen and im now much closer with my sister. She now often says: whait what? And im saying this: the cold never bothered me anyway! Then my sis teases me cause I love Frozen and then we both laugh

The nicest thing that exist is secretly eating chocolate with you sis, isnt it??

Aw! That’s so cute! It makes me so glad to hear stories from sisters. It’s like, sisters rule!

Story time, my sister and I were out on the store the other day and she opened the door of one of the fridges and I was like “Close that! You’re letting the cold out” and she looks at me and goes “The cold never bothered me anyway” and I laughed so hard.

  Anonymous said:
I saw someone else doing something like this /post/87440414658/storyboard-to-final-version-of-the-movie-the but with different gifs and style. Does it upset you?

No, it doesn’t. I mean, it would be nice if they had said “inspired by” on the bottom of the post because it would be nice for them to acknowledge.

I would have a problem if they were reposting my gifs or if they were redoing my stuff because, hey, I’ve already done it like the idea is mine. But I can’t not let people do something.  

  Anonymous said:
Why in LITS Elsa say "you're a fool who married a stranger"? Anna and Hans only get engadged, they never actually married.

I’m not sure if they’re from the same part of the development (but I’m pretty sure they are) but Jennifer Lee, co-director of the movie, said that in a draft of the movie Anna stayed in Arendelle for several months before she took off and she storm kept getting worse and worse and everyone was out looking for Elsa (and there was a reward for news of her)

She could have been married to Hans on these months she stays at the castle. 

  Anonymous said:
How come on your pending requests you have two seperate lists, like you have number 1-6, and then you start again at number 1? Not that it really matters, I'm just curious :)

Because they were requested on different times. Those six have been waiting in there for a while. I just need to find the inspiration to do them. 

I had those then I had to close requests and then I reopened them. 

  Anonymous said:
Honestly I don't want a sequel to happen. I absolutely LOVED Frozen and don't get me wrong I'd love to see more of the characters, but I don't think that "Frozen 2" will ever be as good... Maybe it's just me but I feel like something special would be lost with a discounted sequel

My thoughts exactly. I want more of the characters but I don’t think that without a plot twist that makes sense and that they don’t break with the original story a sequel wouldn’t be good. 

Like, I love the movie and I’m sure Disney can do something amazing but right now Frozen 2 isn’t on their schedule anyway— they’re finishing with Big Hero 6 for November, then next year Zootopia (which they are on storyboard development now) and the list goes on. 

  Anonymous said:
Anna?! You're running a Tumblr?! This is Elsa. Why didn't you tell me? I could make ice and snow for you to post pics of.

Elsa? Hi! I didn’t know you had a tumblr either! 

Oh, could you?! Please please please!! I’m sure everyone would love to see them!

  Anonymous said:
I'm very glad that lits was cut from the final movie and replaced with the ftftif reprise, because elsa is ooc to the extreme on it.

Not really OOC but I just think the song just simply wouldn’t have worked. FTFTIF reprise is more emotional that Life’s Too Short and I guess that they can show more of emotional Elsa.